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Breadway Stores bakery & coffee

Our stores sell almost thirty varieties of yeast bread and other deli food and pastries.

Our greatest hits include TAPAS – finger food on a sourdough baguette, as well as lunch-sized SANDWICHES. For example tapas with onion chutney and blue cheese or a sandwich with horseradish spread, pork cuts and pickles… it may sound ordinary, but the taste is out of this world!

“Way Better Bread – Breadway”

You can also buy flavoured butter, pâtés and rillettes or cream soups with rolls or bread

Strudel in its many forms is the frontrunner in the sweet pastry section, closely followed by fruit cakes, marble cakes and other goodies our grandmas or moms still bake occasionally and we still find them irresistible.

All our products have one thing in common: they are baked with love, as if we baked them for ourselves; and our hope is that you – our customers – will appreciate it.

Bakery BreadWay

BREADWAY is an artisanal bakery which combines traditional baking processes with state-of-the-art technologies.

The result is a variety of attractive and affordable products even for the most demanding gourmets.

Production BreadWay bread

Our dough is prepared by the slow fermentation procedure, using a sourdough starter. We do not cheat with food additives and emulgators but we relies instead on the most valuable commodity – time.

Thanks to this patience, the dough is tender, pliable and porous, which are the qualities that our digestive system appreciates the most.

Our speciality – baked sourdough products

After loaves are baked in a stone oven, they are exposed to shock freezing in accordance with the most recent demands, allowing you to purchase a warm loaf in the evening. Before being sold, the loaves are removed to defrost for 120 minutes and placed in an oven for 3 minutes to achieve the attractive crust and aroma again.

The sourdough starter and freezing temperatures work as natural preservatives, thanks to which the bread remains soft and delicious for several days.

Where to find us?

  • Breadway Store, Hybešova 45, Brno

Breadway Store, Hybešova 45, Brno

Breadway Store, Hybešova 45, Brno

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